Rikard Svensson-Actor Director Writer

Rikard Svensson is a Swedish actor based in Stockholm but he works world wide. He is most famous for his two parts in the film ”The Reunion” by A.Odell. The film won for best film at the Venice Film Festival 2013 by a new-director and the critics prize. The film also won a ”Guldbagge”(Swedish Oscars) for best film 2014 and was for several weeks at the top 10 of most seen movies in Sweden. In 2022 you could see Rikard playing the Soccer coach Alex in the tv-series En mot en in Swedish television. The series was nominated for Prix Europa. Rikard also stared in a film nominated by the critics at the Venice film festival 2022; The film ”Dogborn” by Isabella Carbonell. The film won for best female director and at the premiere in early 2023 at Swedish cinemas Dogborn got the score 4 out of 5 in most reviews. The newspaper SvD wrote ”You might say that her[Silvana Imams]fight with Rikard Svensson(who has not been sleazy like this since ”The Reunion”) has some Tarantino qualities.” Later during 2023 Rikard will also bee seen in the television drama Estonia.

Svensson is a highly trained classical actor and has played in many genres: Shakespeare, comedy and contemporary drama as well as a performer in pubs and local cafes. He has preformed on stages all over Sweden, and once he toured Swedish prisons and played for interns and their families for 1,5 year. He also compose music and writes his own material for stage and movies.

Rikard Svenssons directorial debut film ”Dansa Först” (Feel the beat)(2018) was a lindy hop dance movie, that came all the way to the semi-finals at the Guldbagge-gala for the audience award. It was a small-independent movie that pushed away meny of the bigger high-production films in the competition.

Critics about Svenssons work Feel The Beat/Dansa Först

”On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this movie an 8” Peter Bohlin Uppsala Nyheter

“A reader called and said: You have to se it! We obeyed and became mesmerised by this love story with dance as a power centre.” M Magasin 

”Much better then La la land” -From the Swedish Dance pod Danspassion

“Feel the beat” is a very beautiful movie with nice pictures. It’s wonderful acting from everyone, but mainly by Rikard Svensson, who can show all the emotions from really far down at the bottom to the very top. ” Blog MusicalNet

Writer and famous podcaster Alex Schulman wrote on his Instagram ”The movie of the year”

”The ending scene is filled with a joy that you bring with you when you leave the movie theatre” Bloggen Konsert Musikal Annette Stolt

”..extraordinary dance scenes and with pretty amazing newly written music in the genre by Joel Hilme and Felix Martinz” Aftonbladet, Jan-Olof Andersson

The film was showned at the Noordelijk filmfestival in Holland and at the filmfestival in Arjeplog and in cinemas all over Sweden and on Swedish Television as the New Years eve movie of 2019.

…And some reviews of Rikards acting work on stage

Tartuffe”But most interesting is that Tartuffe who makes his entrance after the intermission, and he is the complete opposite to Dag Malmbergs wonderful rouge at Gunnebo. When Malmberg hides Tartuffes amorous intention under the pious cloak, you can see the cheeky smile of Bönn Tartuffe(Rikard Svensson) right from the start. Where Malmberg demonstrated a seriousness in his deceiver[..]Rikard Svenssons plays Tartuffe with open cars and only in front of Orgon he melodramatically kisses his cross and scourges himself as a godly martyr. Svenssons Tartuffe is erotically hotter and creates a lightness in the comedy that was missing in Gunnebo” Kristian Saag GT

Taming of the Shrew ”The one who at the samt time, in Petruccios entourage, drives the play to its most comical and nervous tension is Rikard Svensson in the role of Grumio, he shows a glorious, hysterical vulnerability and a spirituality that is completely unique.” Lars-Ola Johansson Länstingen Östergötland

The Sweetest Swing in Baseball ”As the successful colleague Brian Rikard Svensson succeeds din pushing Dana even further down, while as the murderer Gary he gives her valuable insights about the dynamics of art. In both cases he plays both parts with an unique sharpness and clarity.” SvD Sarah Granath

Gertrud ”Rikard Svensson brings out both the hot young and the unsympathetic in Erland Jansson. The acting quartet is excellent”. SvD Lars Ring

Romeo and Juliet ”Romeas two friends are convincing: Rikard Svenssons Benvolio with his simple obviousness” Ingegärd Waaranperä, DN

Love is the greatest ”A personal story that engages [..]In Love is the greatest (Music monologue by Rikard Svensson) we meet a human being, and maybe also us self. I like it.” Sara Granath SvD

Blood mountain(Blodberget) ”The blood mountain, at Sibyllan in Stockholm is theatre that thinks with the body. It goes directly in to the spectators senses and shortcuts the brain[..]it is incredibly well preformed[..] the young talented ensemble moves the limits for what theatre has the power to say.” Ingegärd Waaranperä DN, ”Not to mention the cast giving one of the tightest performances I’ve seen.” Ola Johansson SvD

The Foviseé Brothers (Bröderna Foviseé) ”Three talented (young boys), in their early 20´s made the whole audience sing-along into the night, to the beat of Vysotsky, Chekov, and klezmer, we thawed out and became completely exhilarated and turned home with smiles on our lips. And warm. We decided that The Foviseé Brothers own hit song ”I sat at a café” would be our favourite.” GP – Sylvia Hopen